Crock-pot Beef and Gravy Recipe

For a delicious beef and gravy recipe that is slow cooked to perfection, when all the ingredients are simmered together to make that perfect tasting food. The flavor everyone savors. This recipe is it.

Beef and Gravy

Beef and Gravy

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Through the Deep Waters, by Kim Vogel Sawyer

A Historical Fiction Novel both inspirational and entertaining.

Through Deep Waters

Through Deep Waters

Through the Deep Waters, by Kim Vogel Sawyer. It conveys the story of Dinah and Amos, who must deal with many issues in order to find the love they desire.
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Food Should Taste Good Review

Hungry. Need a snack. Want something healthy but also yummy to nosh.
Then you need to try out the new Pita puffs from Food Should Taste Good Light Airy Delicious!.

I had the opportunity to try these out for review. Now I was a little skeptical. Because come on. All Naturral, no added anything and taste good? So I put them to the test. Not just me either, my whole family tried these to good to believe pita puffs. Read the rest of this entry » [CountryLife4Me]

Potato Corn Chowder

Today I thought I’d cook up some Potato Corn Chowder. Yes another potato recipe. I love chowder. Any kind. My family loves it also. And seeing that it is still a tad chilly here in Ohio I thought this called for something warm and hearty. So I went to the store. Gathered up all the needed ingredients and went home to prepare everything. I like to get everything ready and set aside till I’m ready to do the cooking. Makes it easier on me.
I think this is a great recipe and everyone I know loves it. I hope you will as well.

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Snow Day-Día de la nieve

English Below

Es difícil de creer, que nevó hoy. A mitad de abril. Me falta la primavera de nuevo. Cada año parece desaparecer más.

Así que hoy he hecho otra cosa que usar mi computadora y los juegos disputados. Estoy tan aburrido. Creo que me voy a tomar una siesta. Parece adecuado.

¿Qué se hace en días lluviosos, o nevadas?
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Baked Potato Skins Recipe

I’ve said this many times already I know, but we are a potato eating family. What can I say. I’m part Irish. So there needs to be several different recipes that have a lot of flavor to perk up those meals. I search for new recipes all the time or I try them out with the trial and error system. I think you’ll really enjoy these.

What a delicious tasty potato. If you’re looking for a great tasting potato recipe, this one is bound to be it. It’s Read the rest of this entry » [CountryLife4Me]


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